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Jack DiGiovanna Posts


Jack is an empathic, solution-oriented, executive leader. His teams connect people, data, & tools to empower a diverse research community. A natural consensus builder, Jack leads by prioritizing listening and building trust to drive progress. Balancing consistent optimism, vision, and inclusivity while serving as a steading force has been crucial to motivate strong team performance. Often leading without direct authority, fostering strong internal and external relationships has been critical to driving success. Multidisciplinary academic research followed by developing data ecosystems for academic, biopharma, and government partners has sharpened his abilities as a natural translator. Jack excels at distilling complex technical and scientific concepts for diverse audiences – from high-school to the corporate C-Suite.

Strategically, his organization helps funders realize return on the investments they have made in data generation and ecosystems.

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I love connecting with an audience. I also been told I move my hands too much.

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Happy to meet good people & learn new things. Please reach out below.

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